The trio opened their eyes to find themselves in the Velvet room.

"Ah, Welcome back!" Igor said.

"I see you have gained new friendships and new personas. I also see some bright futures ahead. Terry, Chicharito, Jesus, I see your new personas." Linda said. They trio looked at linda then at Igor and in their minds saw thier personas.

Chicharito had gained King Frost,Take-minakata , Black Frost, and Loki. Chicharito smiled. Terry, in his mind, saw Thanatos. Satan, Lucifer and Orpheus Telous. He had a serious yet joyous expression on his face. Jesus, in his mind, saw Quetzalcoatl, Raja naga, Rangda, and Raphael. He too smiled.

"You will need your friendships for what's coming in the end. No one knows what will happen but you will need those friendships. I know there are still many questions on your minds but lets save them for later. Until next time." Igor said not letting the cousins at least speak. Everything went dark and the trio awoke to morning.

It was sunday and the trio at about 10:00 AM met up after breakfast to hang out. They went to a middle school nearby to hangout. They went on the swings, run around and jesus random stupidity led him almost falling down from "building jumping". They were there for almost three hours then headed back. Terry's Phone received a message from "Geiney".

"Hey, Jesus, you just email me?" Asked Terry as he looked surprised.

"No. I haven't messaged you since a few nights ago. Why?" Jesus asked and Terry showed Jesus the phone.

"No way! Someone accessed my account!?" Jesus took a step back, letting Chicharito see. Terry checked the message.

"Hey, can you guys meet ujs at Mikado Sensei's house? Yasogami will be leaving soon. They recieved an earlier flight. -- Love sakura :) PS. Jesus, your password wasn't hard to figure out. I love you!"

Terry read the message outloud and Jesus facepalmed. Terry and chicharito laughed.

"Jesus looked angry in a playfull manner.

"I'm going to kill her." Jesus chuckled and Chicharito could swear he saw an anime dark aura around Jesus. They left for their homes and asked permission to go. After a few minutes of debating, The trio finally arrived at Mikado Sensei's house. Mikado's Party along with Gekkoukan and Yasogami were there.

"Hey! Sadly the witches had some demon to fight or something like that. Anyways, I thought since this was Yasogami's last day, we could hang out?" Asked Rei. Yasogami continued to talk with Gekkoukan and the trio of cousins sat in front of Gekkoukan.