Persona: Attis


Persona: Clotho


The two parties entered the gates of the forgotten ruins and looked around. Although the ruins were burned down years ago, there was smoke coming from neaby buildings. This looked recently burned as if it happened the night before.

"Okay. can you hear me?" Asked Rico Sensei.

"Yeah. Loud and clear. Litrally." Respoded Mikado Sensei.

"Good. There are shadows around you but if you go down first street and take a right, you'll see some shadows on the streets. Be careful."

"got it" replies mikado sensei. Everyone walked in a fighting position, ready to counterstrike an attack. The two parties stayd close together. When they reched the end of the street, and turned a right, there lay some shadows about fifteen feet from them. Mikado sensei turned to the people.

"Watch me. React on my command." She turned around and charged to the shadows. These shadowslooked wierd. One type of shadow was like a torso of a human with many hands and leaving a trail of some black stuff that looked like tar. The other type was like a huge version of an ant but as black as the other shadow. The cousin's shifted their stance and made a defenceful pose.

Mikado Sensei ran half way, slowed and as she slowed she pulled out and a roow and strtched the bow string. She stopped when she was three feet from the shadow leaking tar. She amed and fired. The Shadow was hit and dispersed. The arrow flew to another nearby shadow leaking black ta and was wounded. She used her Bow to kill a shadow tha looked like the ant. Sh slashed the shadow which came after her. The shadow was slashed and killed. She used her bow and slashed the wounded shadow in half in which the shadow dispersed.

"Now!" Mikado Sensei shouted. The witches charged first before the cousins. Mikado Sensei ran and stood close to the cousins. The Witches were first to attack. The cousins wondered why they were able to couragously charge towards the danger. The cousin's hearts were pounding at this point.

Sakura used her weapon and fought alongside Rei. Sakura and Rei summoned their guardian dragons. Sakura's dratgon was green and about the size of an elephant while Rei's dragon was yellow-greenish and about twice the length of a horse. They commanded their dragons to help them and the dragons flew in and out of the city breathing fire, attacking the shadows and whipping the shadows with the dragon's tail.

Sakura slashed many shadows alongside Rei. Both of them blocking atacks and knocking the shadows back and finishing them off.

Piper, raised her hands and closed her fists. As if to aim with her hands she opened them and a shadow blew up. She saw a shadow charging towards her and blew that one up. She found anoher shadow close to her and again blew that one up along with a shadow that jumped her.

"Okay, everyone! The shadow thats leaving a trail, that is called a shadow. The other one thats looks like an ant is called a Heartless: Shadow. They aren't weak against anything but themselvs are weak. Still, be careful." Rico Sensei mentioned.

Piper threw her hands up again and the shadows froze. The people didn't.

"What just happened?" Asked Chicharito.

"I froze the shadows. Don't worry, they won't attack until you hit them. But even then you should get the upperhand on them." Replied Piper.

Meanwhile, while the shadows were frozen, Paige decided to fight. She double-punched then she did a low kick and the shadow dispersed. She opened her hand and showed it to a shadow.

"Shadow!" She shouted then the shadow was surrounded in bright lights and she threw it at another shadow which killed them both. Then she used her weapon, the crossbow and aimed it at four shadows in front of her. She pulled the trigger and ninteen arrows were sent flying. She had killed about fourteen shadows. Three arrows skimmed the shadows and they unfroze. She charged up and slashed a shadow which killed it. Then she spun and slashed a shadow which killed that one. The shadow jumped and Paige orbed out of place and orbed back three feet from the shadow. She saw an arrow on the wall.

"Arrow!" She called and the arrow was surrounded in bright orbing lights then she threw the arrow to the shadow which killed it. She then charged up to another shadow and stabbed it. Then she spun around and slashed which killed another nearby shadow. She turned her head to the left and saw piper blowing up one shadow then two shadows then three and she used her crossbow and shot shadows in front of her. She killed twelve shadows and unfroze two. She charged and spun around and slashed which killed that shadow. Then she put the crossbow under her arm and blew up the remaining shadow.

While that was happening, Prue was beginning to fight. She used her hand and swung it from left to right. She used Telekenises to throw a shadow hard up against a wall. Then she did it again. Then she used her power and threw back a shadow to another. This unforze two shadows. She steadied her weapon, the Light hybee spear, and in came charging the shadows. She slashed one shadow which killed it then she stabbed another which killed that shadow. Then she used the other end of the weapon and knockedback the shadow then she kicked it and killed it. Then she threw her spear and it killed three shadows instantly and stuck against the wall. She lowered her head and out appeared another Prue. She had Astral Projected another self. Then both of them went fighting. The Real Prue, used her powers and knocked the shadows left and right, hitting walls and killing them on impact. The other Prue grabbed the spear and slashed and stabbed a few shadows. Then after about a minute they looked at each other and the real Prue took the spear and the astral self disappeared.

Patty was fighting in the middle of the street. She used Telekinesis and knocked them into each other. Before long she had ten shadows unfrozen and surrounding her. She used her weapon and fired the gun which killed two shadows in front of her.

"Patty!" Shouted grams and she raised her hand and blew up three behind her.

"You need help." Grams said. They stood back to back as the 5 shadows surrounded them. Patty froze the shadows and grams raised her hands again and killed all five shadows.

"We need more suspence." Said Grams and Patty chuckled. Then as Patty Reloaded her weapon, Grams shot the musket. The musket had a Bayonett on it and stabbed and slashed a few shadows. Grams didn't see it but a shadow jumped on her and she heard a shot from behind. She turned around to see dark smoke.

"You need to keep your eyes open mom." She says. Grams chuckles a little and coughs.

Phoebe was doing good in fighting. She double punched and spin-kicked a shadow which killed it. Then she kicked while doing a backflip then she charged and spin kicked the shadow which killed it. She levitated and stomped a shadow which killed that shadow on impact. She used her spear and slashed, stab, stab, stab and spin kick a few shadows killing all of them instantly. She laughed. then she killed a few more shadows.

"Ok, now's your chance for an easy fight." Stated Mikado Sensei. Chicharito charged up to a shadow with confidence knowing that the shadow wouldn't move. He charges and punches with his right, then Jabs with the left then uppercuts with the right and the shadow disperses.

Jesus followed his cousin and shot a shadow near him. He charged up and slashed, stabed, cross-slashed, and spun and slashed four shadows near them and killed them instantly. Then he put the crossbow behind him and as Chicharito was still punching with his right, jabing with his left and uppercutting with his right, Jesus double punches then spin kicks a shadow and kills it. then grabs his cross bow and reloads it. A shadow jumped Chicharito but Jesus shoots at it before chicharito gets hurt. Then Terry joined in.

Terry Double punched then punched a hard jab with his left and a shadow went down near Chicharito and Jesus.

"What would you do without me?" He asks playfully. Chicharito and Jesus smile then the three of them were back to back to back with shadows surrounding them.

"Charge?" Asks Jesus.

"okay" Says Chicharito.

"Let's kick some ass." Says Terry and all of them take three steps and fight the shadows. Terry double punching, then hard jabbing with his left, while Chicharito double punches then uppercuts with his right, and Jesus with Slashing, stabing, double-slashing, and spin slashing shadows, they were able to kill a total of sixteen shadows. Then the shadows came for a counter attack and knockbacked Terry, Chicharito and Jesus. All three of them landed next to each other as shadows closed in on them.

Mikado Sensei Charged and shot four shadows. The shadows turned around and some charged towards her. She used her bow and slashed, strike, and spin slashed shadows and got in the surrounded party. there onely lay ten shadows surrounding them. The party got up unharmed.

"Protect Chicharito, he's the weakest!" Mikado Sensei ordered.

"Oh, Come on!" Chicharito complained. Jesus stood next to chicharito and reloaded his crossbow and Terry sttod in an offensive position. Mikado Sensei shifted.

"Now!" She shouted and shot three shadows before she dodge rolled out of the way as two shadows stupiditly smashed into each other and flew back hard against a wall and dispersed on impact. Terry took a step and double jabed then uppercuted two shadows. Jesus shot the cross bow and killed a shadow. Chicharito stayed in place and turned arround.

"Look out!" he shouted. Jesus turned around in time to slash the shadow but only mortaly wounded it. Chicharito punched hard and the shadow dispersed. Chicharito took took steps and jabed with his right and uppercuted a shadow. (141)

"Everyone! The shadows are unfreezing!" Shouted Piper.

"Everyone! Regroup! There's a huge shadow coming your way! The shadows are starting to unfreeze!" Ordered Rico Sensei. Everyone regrouped and stood side by side in every direction, forming a circle.

"I counted 35 shadows surrounding you!" Many shadows leaving a trail of tar and the ones that looked like ants started chattering. Each one communicating to each other. They started slowly to us.

"Use your Personas, People!" Shouted Mikado Sensei.

"But we don't have any Persons- thingies!" Shouted Prue.

"Yes. you do. Look within your heart, what you overcame in the past. You lost yor sister before right? Do you feel the need to protect her now?" Asked Mikado Sensei but looking at a near by shadow. She put her bow behind her back and took out the evoker. She put it to her head.

"Do as I do." She said softly but loud enough for everyone to hear. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then she summoned her Persona.

"Persona!" She commanded and Zouchou came out and hovered above Mikado Sensei's head.

"Zouchou! Onegai-shimasu!" Mikado Sensei asked control of Zouchou and succeded. She slashed the air and zouchou charged and did the same. She spun around and Zouchou did the same. She slashed the air and zouchou killed ten of the nearest shadows. Three became wounded. She raised her arm and lowered it fast and Zouchou Shot lightning into the three wounded shadows.

"Go!" She shouted and Terry took out his Evoker and did the same. He raised the gun to his head, took a deep breath but let it out all at once and commanded his persona.

"Persona!" She shouted and Messiah appeared, hovering above his head.

"Messiah!" He punched the air and Messiah charged up and punched furiously at the shadows and killed about 8 and wounded four. He raised his hand and closed it then opened it fast and Messiah cast a huge light spell. Multiple shadows were injured and easy to kill now. Terry looked tired but he stood his ground.

Now it was Chicharito's turn. He pulled out the gun and put it to his head. He hesitated and was scared to pull the trigger, He took a deep breath and holded it and with that he summoned his persona.

"Persona!" he commanded and Jack Frost appeared and hovered over his head. He took long deep breaths.

"Jack Frost!" He commanded and uppercuted the air. His persona charged and uppercutted about thirteen shadows. He closed his fist then threw and imaginary ball to his enemies then Ice captured a shadow and killed it instantly.

Jesus's turn now. He raised the gun to his head but had doubts. He hesitated in pulling the trigger then he commanded Nekomata.

"Persona!" She shouted then Nekomata appeared and hovered above him. He soun and scratched the air and a shadow went down. then he took both hands and put them close together then shoved the air and a huge flame devoured two shadows. Then killed the remaining three.

"Look out! A huge shadow is in front street!" Shouted Rico Sensei.

"I sense about a hundred shadows surrounding you again. be careful! I sense the shadow's name is GUARD. He is a shadow cloked in havy armor and I sence his weakness is Ice. No strengths but he's no weak so be careful." Rico sensei explained.

"Sakura-cha, rei-chan, Ike!" shouted Mikado Sensei. The girls charged and stood fifteen feet from the shadow and they used an evoke o summon their personas.

"Persona!" Both of them shouted in unison. Sakura's persona, Oberon hovered above her and Rei's persona, Apsaras hovered above her.

"Oberon! daskite!" shouted Sakura

"Apsaras!" Shouted Rei. Sakura slashed the air and Oberon charged up and slahed GUARD. Guard let out a deep laughter. Rei lowered her hands and pushed down as if using a pump and Apsaras did the same and Ice covered the armor's bosom. The shadow let ou a sharp painful deep cry and fell backwards.

"Mikado Sensei! Help Sakura-chan and Rei-chan!" Rico sensei commanded in Japanese.

"Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Prue, take care of those shadows please! Patty, Grams! shadows are appearing to help the bigger shadow, their boss, take them out! Jesus, Chicharito, Terry, help Mikado sensei along with the girls. Go now!" Rico sensei ordered. The trio of cousins followed mikad sensei and along followed their personas.

Mikado sensei stopped a few feet away from the girls.

"Zouchou! Ike!" She commanded and Zouchou now had a free will. He charged and uppercuted the shadow which was trying to stand up at the time. then zouchou cast a lightning spell and hit the GUARD.

GUARD was getting tired if this and lifted up his leg then stomped it down where the girls were at. The girls made a dodge roll and avoided being flat but didnt avoid the shock from it and were knocked back. Mikado Sensei and the cousins avoided the shock.

"Go, Jack Frost!" Chicharito commanded and Jack Frost received a free will. Jack frost charged and uppercuted the GUARD. Jack Frost used Ice and aimed it at the shadow's head and the shadow flew back half a street and let ou a loud deep cry.

Time for an all out attack!" Shouted Mikado Sensei. Then Sakura, Rei, Mikado Sensei, Terry, Chicharito and Jesus became determined and all charged for the shadow's body and readied their weapons. All either slashed and stabbed or punched and upper cut then all ran five feet back and uncontrollably, in unison shouted;
"Persona!" And their Personas all attacked at once and the shadow dispersed except the head.
In the meantime, Grams and Patty have been blowing up shadows, sending them flying, shooting a them, killed all and aiding themselves.
Grams furiously has been sending them back and killing all of them at once. She raised her hand and had send three or four shadows at a time to one wall where they dispersed or to each other which killed more. Then she raised her hand at the sky and at the shadows and let out a war-cryish noise which has killed all of them and even some of the other shadows and did some damage to GUARD.
Patty blew up the shadows using her hands like piper. then she used her telekinesis and send some flying to a wall and to each other. She, like he mother furiously fighting in an effort to protect th people arround her.
Piper has been blowing up and freezing shadows and blowing up the frozen shadows, while Phoebe uses her weapon and kills shadows while also fighting witout a weapon. Paige has ben orbing in and out and calling her weapon and throwing shadows unto each other. Prue has been using her telekinesis to throw shados unto neaby walls and unto each other and using her Astral self to fight with her weapon since her Astral body can't use her power.
The floating head of Guard only remained and about thirty shadows kept appeearing to protct Guard. Patty and grams fought hard to protect the cousins, the girls and Mikado Sensei.
The floarting head started to retreat and five shados appeared in front of Guard to protect it. At this Point the cousins were all trying to catch their breath.
"Don't give up now! You almost prevail! Go on!" Shouted Rico Sensei in encouragement. Rico Sensei sounded excited and seemed to jump where he was.
Mikado Sensei shot one shadow and another came in charging. she ducked the shadows jump and ran to anoher shadow and slashed it and when she turned around a shadow had jumped her. Meanwhile, Jesus was reloading and Chicharito and Terry were focused on the shadows in front of them.
"Mikado Sensei!" Shouted Sakura chan. She ran and Rei followed. They both finished off the remaining shadows. The Guard head was already escaping.
"We can't let the shadow escape!" Complained Jesus and beckoned his cousins to chase after it. They nodded in agreement and ran after it. By this time the called away their personas. Jesus Aimed at the head and Shot. It hit the head and the head turned around and charged for Terry. Terry and Chicharito double teamed and punched it which knocked it back then Jesus charged up and slashed, stabbed, cross-slashed and did a spin strike on the head making it fall.
"Let's go all out!" Jesus shouted. the cousins became very determined and they fought with their weapons. Then their personas atacked. GUARD's head had dispersed and out appared ten shadows.
"Our turn!" Shouted Sakura and Rei. Both summoned their guardian dragons and they killed those shadows. Then They charged alongside of Mikado sensei and helped Patty and Grams as they performed an al out attack.
"Jesus, Chicharito, Terry! Help the sister witches!" Shouted Rico Sensei. The trio of cousins looked at each otherthen jogged to Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Prue.
Piper had finished reloading hr crossbow and put it behind her back. She then Blew up ten demons one after another and a shadow jumped her. She screamed and was knocked back.
"Piper!" Shouted Phoebe then with Phoebe's Spear, she jumped up and stuck her spear through the shadow's body. Then she turned around to see Paige get knocked down.
"Paige!" Shouted Prue and Phobe at the same time ad Phobe gets knocked down by a neaby shadow.
"Damn it!" Shouted Prue and she used her telekinesis and throws the shadows off only to get knockedback into her sisters. Jesus, chicharito and Terry ariive and count twenty five shadows.
"Guys, use your personas!" Commanded Terry as he took out his Evoker.
"Persona!" He fied the gun and Messiah appeared and hovered above him.
"Go!" He cmmanded and Messiah charged and fought the remaining shadows. Chicharito copied Terry and summoned his Persona.
"Let's go!" He shouted and his persona went charging into battle. Then the sister witches started moaning.
"Who said that!?" Shouted Phoebe.
"I am thou. Thou art I. From the sea of thy soul I come from. I am..." whispered a voice loud enough to be hard by everyone including the dead party.
"Not good! They're receiving Personas now!?" Shouted Rico Sensei.
"Everyone cover all witches!" Shouted Mikado Sensei. Jesus pulled out the evoker and summoned his persona.
"Nekomata! Ike!" he shoutd and Nekomata joined the fight with his fellow personas. Terry, Chicharito and Jesus protected the fou witches.
Then Slowly but courageously all witches took out the evokers and pointed it to their heads. Each one hsitated in pulling the trigger but they all fired whether one after another or in unison with another familiar. Although each shot was hard in different times each one shouted Persona in unison.
All of the wiches fell to the floor after they said that. Piper recieved the Persona Ananta. She stood up and started o catch her breath. Phoebe recieved the Persona arahabaki and stood up cheerfully. Paige recieved the persona Archangel and stood knealing on the floor gasping for air. Prtue recieved the Persona Attis and She stood amazed and catching he breath. Patty recieved the persona Baihu

Persona: Baihu

and She stood up catching her breath. Grams recieved the persona Clotho. And she stood up cheerfully. Then all of them shoted their persona's names and commanded them to attack.
"Unbelievable!" Shouted Rico Sensei. everyone fought against the shadows and after a minute or two the shadows disappeared and the sisters along with everybody else was either kneeling, sitting or laying down on the floor each gasping for air. Afte a minute, the witches passed out.
"They're just tired, they need their rest. Sakura, please?" Mikado sensei explained. Sakura understood and Mikado Sensei helped put the witches all together and sent them to the Haliwell manor. In there, Sakura explained the situation then when she came back the cousins were passed out.
"The lasted the longest. Sakura please put them to bed." Mikado Sensei asked. Sakura nodded and took her sister along. In the end Mikado Sensei and Rico Sensei along with Sakura and Rei teleported into a house.
"Good to be back home." Sighed Mikado Sensei.
"I'm already sleeping." Rico sensei said and faceplanted into the couch and started snoring after a few minutes.
"Girls, go to bd. You have a long day tomorrow." Mikado sensei said in Japanese.
"Yes, Sensei. By the way, have you contacted the students at Gekkougan High? The Persona users?" Asked Sakura.
"I did. To my surprise I also found Prsona users from anoher school. Both of them are arriving tomorrow in the afternoon. They will meet and hopefully we can convince them to help us. But there was one student who sacrificed himself to save us all. His name was Arisato Minato. Do you think the witches came bring him back?" Asked Mikado Sensei.
"Yes. The charmed ones brought their mother, grandmother and Sister back from the dead. Temporarily anyways." Replied Rei excirtedly. Mikado Sensei smiled then asked the girls to go to bd. They did. Then Mikado Sensei went to her bd and started chaing into pajamas. She covered herself in the blankets then looked at her ceiling for a few minutes. then s

Persona: Arahabaki

he smiled and went to sleep.

Persona: Archangel


Persona: Ananta